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    Question on classes, mounted combat and rohirrim

    This is just a question that has been bothering me ever since my friend asked me about it.

    I ask that you don't give me this answer: play what class you like - believe me, I know that. I am quite content with my toons (and severe case of altitis tehehe). This question is meant to be answered as purely hypothetical, its sole purpose being to sate the curiosity of myself and my friend. I also apologise if this question is in the wrong place.

    So, onwards to the question. > What class do you think embodies the rohirrim in mounted combat? (I was unable to answer this question as I have been lead to believe from reading other posts that classes change a lot when fighting mounted - please correct me if I am wrong as I have no personal experience). Meaning, what class in your opinion fights most like the rohirrim (rohirrim warriors? is that a more correct thing to say?) would have fought. This is in both look and mechanics. E.g. I am fairly certain the rohirrim didn't ride around in cloth with staves (the look) and shoot fireballs out of their hands at the enemy (the mechanics). Therefore I don't believe the lore master represents what the rohirrim would have been like in mounted combat (I am not bashing on lore masters in any way, I have one myself).

    What class/classes do you think embody the rohirrim in mounted combat? in:
    a. The look (armour and weapons - ignoring cosmetics)
    b. The mechanics (the attacks they use {e.g. slash, shoot, stab, cast, yell etc.} and the way they fight {e.g. charging, circling, etc.})

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    If you like the LotR movies, a hunter on a warsteed looks just like those Rohirrim with bows who ambush the Urak-hai/Mordor orcs (the ones who are taking the hobbits to Isengard). So yeah, at least in the style of the movies, a hunter on a warsteed (mine uses a light warsteed) looks like one major bad-$#& Rohirrim.
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    I would have to agree i have a hunter and a minstrel at 85 with a warsteed and love hunter on a warsteed WAY better than the mini and it's aoe attacks. I use a hunter on a medium mount using the dammage/heal trait and it is awsome fun.

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    The melee classes will feel more like Rohirrim to me. Mounted archers feels too much like the movies. So a champion or guardian or captain are closest. Captain does best damage of those three when mounted and looks pretty good with a halberd so I'd go with that. Though I'd rather see a medium armor wearing class, except that burglar and warden just don't fit my mental concept of Rohirrim, so make sure your Captain wears some sensible cosmetics to look like a horse lord.

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    My hunter is more fun to play mounted and looks more realistic when he fights. I have heard some of the melee classes are not fun until you get to 85 but my guardian has just gotten his mount so I can't speak to you about that. Hunter is fun. My Minstrel is fun too but not as realistic yelling at the enemy and watching them fall.



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