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    The Great Smials of Druigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uniondude View Post
    The Great Smials of Druigan are wondering....

    Are you a casual player? Tired of joining a Hobbit only Kinship only to have it disbanded due to not maintaining the eight minimum members or being kicked for being a casual player?

    I am a casual player (5 - 10 hours per week) that had this problem over and over again. So about a year back I canceled my sunscription and took a break and have recently come back, to a whole new server for that fresh new player feeling. The first Hobbit only Kinship I joined could not maintain the minimum level so I decided to solve the problem of taking my previous VIP character allotment, use some of the coins I have saved, created eight characters and formed,

    The Great Smials of Druigan

    As the Founder the problem of the casual player being kicked for not being in the game enough each week is now solved. Having eight charters on one account means the minimum members problem is no longer. So if you are an Hobbit of just about any time related style you are welcome. Be a group player, be a solo player, be a helpful player or be an unhelpful player, it is up to you. If you do decide to be a solo unhelpful player do not complain if no one will help you when you final ask for help the first few times!

    The Great Smials of Druigan does have some rules, like most Kinships, that most be followed ofcourse (besides the normal TOS stuff - No hate, no racism, no excessive foul language, be nice to each other, etc.)

    1) Most be a Hobbit. This does not mean just your main and other 'crafting' alts can be other races. Most be Hobbit.
    2) I reserve the right to remove any member of the kinship if the last time online is 6 months or more.

    See that? Must be Hobbit and log into the game atleast twice per year, not out of the realm of reasonable. Oh and you must behave with all the normal TOS common sense stuff.

    The Great Smials of Druigan

    (Landroval - Hobbits Only)
    Im interested in joining. I am a level 13 Hobbit and play about 15 hours a week. My in game name is Martook.

    How should i contact you to join?



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