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    My new theme song.

    I announce to you all that my new theme song is the "Hah, you mad bro?" song. Also would like to shout out to the fun at 4AM last night. Was a nice little thing. What I enjoyed was only me and Grish were grouped and the other guys came over to help us out when it was pretty clear you guys had a raid and called out to every channel, and I even heard glff was involved. Good job, thanks for the feeding, thank the shield warden that lasted long enough to get your raid there in time to kill us.

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    Rumors are not facts.

    Alrighty, lets get some facts right...

    First off, it was Duckymomo, Fragum, Shaqiri, Grish, and a spider representing the creeps. For freeps it was Haeb, and Aspida, the creep (croup) smashed Haeb, so she sent me a tell saying she needed help at GTA and there was 3-4 there. So i sent Aspida a tell telling him to just stay alive so I could get there. I got there, we killed maybe 2 then wiped. So i told Aglathion, it tells,to come help out. We got Aglathion, and Arag and one other in the group. That makes 6 if you count right. All were from tells. If we would have screamed like you say we did, you would have had more freeps on you. And the glff bit...LOL. Rally you know better than anyone glff does more harm than good. Dont flatter yourself, those creeps were not worth a glff "scream".

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    Not only was glff involved, but people from other servers were called in to help.

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    And rumor has it a dozen new people signed up when they heard the call out from twitter and leveled to 85 in 60 seconds just to come help.

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    Thumbs up Roflmao

    I was not involved at all in any of this I just wanted to give a shout out to Maddawgg "I love your comment".

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    Thats right

    Yup you always need more to be us if you cant do it on your own. Im glad it ended b4 apache brought the fraid out after us.



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