This message can be found in every major city posted on billboards.

The Vagabond merchant organization welcomes you traveler!
Our society is built around the idea of mercantile and trade goods around middle-earth, whit joint forces of like minded fellows. We are strongly emphasis around these subjects; the members of the kinship are talented crafters, opportunist merchants or wise diplomats.
If you are looking for a contract we can offer you various options from labor to bookkeeping. We have a very diverse range of professions in the kin, and if you are looking for a honest work, then we are the best choice for you.
If you are interested, then leave a message in the kinship mailbox or contact us personally.


As you can see in the above advertisement, our kin general concept is trading, mercantile and crafting. We are achieving this goal whit resource and information sharing mostly, but we usually lecture each other whit ideas, tips and whit opinion about good businesses around middle-earth. We have our very own training system whit lots of technological recipes and whit know-how about your chosen profession.

Our members are very helpful and kind, the atmosphere in the kin is very funny and relaxing. Role-play is not a necessity amongst us, but we do welcome it! Lots of our members are role playing, and the ones who are not participating in this gameplay style, they accepting the roles and behavioral forms when they encounter an event or conversation in the world.

Our kinsystem is level 10 and we own a kinhouse in Bree-land Homesteads, which is currently under construction.

This is the basics concept, of course we are playing the game too, so we aren’t ignoring the other parts like instances and skirmishes.

The current leader system:

Sulejman Rassam the leader.
Sutoroberi, second in command.
They both can invite you into the kinship, but you have to go through an interview process before, where you can prove your matureness and dedication.

Current phase of the kin:

We are on the expanding phase now; the main focus is to fill the kin whit active members. Once our roster is balanced and we have a stable community we can start to operate heavily, whit investing and building our fortune together and organize events both for the members and for the server.