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Thread: Casual Players

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    Smile Casual Players

    I play for fun, chill mostly and look around enjoying the view, I don't know much about instance or skirmish or Hytbolt stuff, I am a LVL 85 Minsrel with low virtues (1-3) and low morale 3.5k since I never worked on my virtues. I go around on my merry way all over Middle earth not even completing most of the epic quest I leveled mostly through farming and cooking. My question is are there any other casual players like me? I don't want to be the last one in our server I see so many active great and serious player but I haven't met a casual player like me before.... That is why I'm asking this question.

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    Don't worry, you are definitely not the only casual player on the server.
    There are quite a bunch in my own kinship and no doubt in many other non-raidingfocussed kins.
    I guess it is quite hard to encounter other casual middle-earth walkers in a gameworld as big as ours. especially when you are not in a kinship and tend to keep to yourself.

    If you want a higher chance to encounter other players spend some more time in Bree, Snowbourn or Forlaw. Or join a kinship if you haven't done so yet .
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    The Reddit Army is a very casual kin - we don't mind if you're not online every day, we don't require people to raid or meet certain level requirements. You can check us out at reddit.guildlaunch.com, see if you want to give joining a kinship a try.



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