Defenders of Serenity is a max rank kin on the Imladris Server. We have a wide range of levels and classes. Many of us are casual, experienced players who love to craft, group up and have multiple alts. Our main play time is based on Central Standard time but we do have members from Eastern and Pacific time zones as well. We are most active in the evenings and weekends; however, we do have some players on in the mornings and afternoons. We pride ourselves in being laid back and family friendly especially since many of us play with our spouses and kids or have little ones looking over our shoulders. We have regular scheduled events such as Wednesday Night Deed Nights, Friday Night 85 content, and Saturday Night under 80 content. We have a vent server and a website with forums and a calendar of events. If we sound like the kin for you please check us out at and fill out an application.