The server is so quiet nowadays, nearly no one does instance, I and one of my friend makes Ost Elendil runs, someone makes sambrog,fornost and so rarely someone makes t1 Battle for Erebor, what about ettenmoors? It is also quiet except night times, freeps ganking creeps and creeps ganking freeps at 1v1 area, some soloers take out posts and no more I talked with some friends about population of snowbourn and most of them think that Helm's Deep is a 'Yes' or 'No' for LOTRO's future, i do think like that too, I don't know about other servers but snowbourn is so empty and I write this thread because of boredom, I try to level new characters and ask to globallff about them and people tell me to finish my current character first :/ I'll farm all the day long to finish my current you can be sure of that but no one is doing instance, you say 'then you start an instance' of course i did this too, yesterday i couldn't find a hunter (really) and today i found dps ( thanks god ) but looked for a tank for about an hour and then the group disbanded :S

What do you think about the future of LOTRO ? I think it depends of Helm's Deep.