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    Salvation: A Kinship on Meneldor

    Salvation: A Kinship on Meneldor
    We always welcome like-minded gamers that like to experience everything LOTRO has to offer. Although many of us are gaming aficionados and spend large amounts of time in-game, we understand that there is life outside of gaming. Many of us have families and understand that real life comes first. Some of us are casual and others of us are hardcore gamers but we are all adults and have respect for one another. For us Salvation is a place we come to at the end of the day for some fun and relaxation.

    Admittedly, we are a unique community of people and not everyone will fit in with us. Largely this is due to our casual nature while still enjoying end game content as well. We are not too hands on with our members, meaning people do as they please. We will always help people do things, but we do not do things for you without you helping out, and will not baby you or power level you all the time either.

    Salvation: A Kinship on Meneldor
    - Casual Active Rank 10 Kinship with Kin house
    - Core members have been playing LOTRO since very first beta
    - Ventrilo Voice Server and web-site
    - Eastemnet Master Kindred crafters in all proficiencies
    - Scheduled content runs
    - PvP/PvMP enthusiasts
    - Gamers of all character levels and gaming skill levels
    - Adult gamers that have respect for each other and handle issues in mature, team oriented focus
    - Minimum age is 21 years old (children of members are welcome)
    - Mainly North American Based

    Visit our website http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=2695636

    Chat with us on our in-game user chat channel /joinchannel salvation

    We like to have fun. We have many long time/experienced players that can offer advice and help out but we are not baby sitters. We are an adult community that hosts weekly Kinship activities that allow our members to experience everything LOTRO has to offer.

    We schedule content for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays but we are always on throughout the week. Tuesday is our PvP night, Thursday is our low level alt night, and Fridays are our Raid nights. These are just main nights where we try to get as many members together as possible in the same activity. Impromptu groups are often formed to run smaller 3-player and 6-player skirmishes and instances.

    Salvation is our Home!
    We have been a great fit for many people because we foster the idea of a Middle Earth family. If you want to see if we are a good fit please visit our website (you are welcome to post in our guest forum), join our user chat channel in-game, or better yet contact an officer in-game (Officers names are listed on our web-site). Regardless of what you decide, Salvation hopes you enjoy your journey through Middle Earth!
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    recruiting :)

    Hi! i'm paul, 23 yo! i'm a new player of lotro and i'm looking for a kin. i play usually at 18-21:00 (italy, gmt+1) i've a 24 captain on meneldor i have no problem with pvp/mass pvp! see you in game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morir View Post
    Hi! i'm paul, 23 yo! i'm a new player of lotro and i'm looking for a kin. i play usually at 18-21:00 (italy, gmt+1) i've a 24 captain on meneldor i have no problem with pvp/mass pvp! see you in game
    Hello Paul, it looks like the best time to meet up will be on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday. I will be on this weekend. Send a tell to Cimon or in the Salvation channel. Looking forward to running either some on level content or some pvmp with you.

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    Come join us, this is the perfect time to gear up for Helms Deep!



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