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    But I don't want to use Red Dawn!!!!!!

    Anyone else driven crazy by the default to Red Dawn discipline thing? Why can't it remember I put it on Riddermark, or maybe Rohirrim? Seems like 90% of the time I forget after dismounting to reset it back, thus losing the traited benefits that apply only to the other stance.

    C'mon. This should have been fixed in the revamp. It's just silly.
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    It is a small annoyance. Consider mounting a two step process: settle in the saddle and then select the ride setting. Then spur on to victory.

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    I usually use blue, its a shame the Warsteed dosnt "remember" the last stance you were in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kheld_GB View Post
    I usually use blue, its a shame the Warsteed dosnt "remember" the last stance you were in.
    that's funny, i do use red dawn and each time i mount i still have red dawn... so i don't have to cast it anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sordane View Post
    It is a small annoyance. ...
    Tell that to the guy who is tanking Connog and gets dismounted every 2 seconds

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    From Sapience, in the 11.2 update (whenever that goes live):

    Mounted Combat
    •Stances have been converted to toggle skills. They should function identically to how they used to, except now the game will remember what stance you were in when dismounting, and will re-apply it when you re-mount.


    And there was much rejoicing!
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    It never bothered me much as I would always be changing stances often, according to the circumstances.. At least with the upcoming change in U11.2 everyone should be happy.



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