So myself and a few others of our kin have been discussing the new and improved RP of arkenstone. And decided we are going to make an ultimate RP kin. We had set an outline to where there will be RP events, of course, a bit of PvE. And a ranking system for the entire guild (or about 90% of it). One ranking system we are using (borrowed from another game) Teachers and students or Masters and apprentices. And so there will be a ranking system if you decide to become a student, also a higher ranking position for guild organization and another high ranking position for RP event hosting and such. Along with a solo RP ranking for those who do not participate in the teacher/student ranking.. But here I say this work now, Arkenstone, a NA server, is looking for some experience players to take a leading role in the Upcoming RP guild (an ultimate guild). We expect the entire guild to grow 10x as much from the first week to the end of the first months or the beginning of the second month. (if our plan works well). It's RP like you haven't seen in lotro in a while and it's coming to a server that isn't RP oriented. But seriously add Gavinsem in game on arkenstone, send him a message, and we can go on from there!