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    Mar 2011
    Moscow Russia

    Gratz Saffhire on rank 12 !!!

    To 13 now!
    Nemexida Imladris-Gladden mini 13 r
    I love u Creepies :P

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    Grats friend Now onward to r13

    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r12 WL(Brandywine)

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    Oct 2011
    congratulations saffhire. You were always one of my better friends and I loved duo'ing with you. I was completely under geared and unprepared the first time I came out to the ettenmoors, you taught me so much about how to play a burglar effectively out there and how to really address a situation. Definitely the most memorable moment was pre rohan at TA. Creeps controlled this keep and there were 2 ba's standing in the arches facing east ta bridge, You and I both snuck up there and killed both of them and got out before the other creeps even knew what happened. Alot of people helped me on my way but you are easily the biggest influence I had. Well earned rank my friend

    "ostev HIPS, HIPS NOW!" haha

    ~ Ostev
    -Retired- 5/19/2013


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    Dec 2010
    Afk in Grams/GV
    congrats saff a rank well earned. on to r13!

    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
    Skill and Valour, Landroval

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    Thanks guys . And Ostev, we all miss you buddy, i hope you can come back on the next expansion to check things out! we need moar burg power in moors! ROAR! C-ya around and take care!

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    Sep 2011
    Meldos shed
    Gratz. well deserved rank
    argio r11 burglar | trytofarmme r10 reaver | trytoloveme r10 spider | ikissedafreep r10 blackarrow | roargh r9 warleader | trytocatchme r9 warg |

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    A lil somtin

    Grz on the rank! I baked you a cake!



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