Dawn is a brand new kin created on the server of Whitywindle on the 26nd of May.

Atm we are recruiting all classes, all levels to help us grow even bigger.

What we can offer you:

* Active kin with fantastic social atmosphere.
* RaidCall server for you and your friends if you wish to use it.
* Solid, stable leadership with years of experience in different kinds of mmo's.
* A place for you and your friends whom are welcome to join
* Last but not least: we all have fun while playing

If you're interested put in an application on our website http://dawn.guildlaunch.com/ or contact any officer (Sitaprutske, Brebeth, Lesdreda, Choperreed, Torgon, Ulan or Poppyz) ingame.

We look forward to your application and welcoming you into our kin.


The Dawn Team