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Thread: My radar

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    My radar

    Hello everybody,
    I played lotro yesterday.I had Mission and when I was In battle it froze.After relog my radar wasn't there where was. My quest tracker too. Radar is 5 cm next to place Where he was and quests are on radar.I can't see radar ;-(Can any1 help me Please ?

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    Did you solve it yet? When the normal quest panel is up, you can right-click a ring and "remove all" from the list (or just one). They are still active, just not on the top 5 list. Did you maybe hit the keys Control and back slash (CNT + \)? That action moves UI elements around and you might have overlayed panels.

    Any more information you can share?
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    Use Ctrl+\ to look at the UI layout. The items may have been rearranged. This can happen when the screen size is reset to it's default. Sometimes elements get stuck underneath others.

    Use Ctrl+"O" (oh not zero) to check the user settings. There are a number of tabs to go through. On one of them there is an option to not show the radar. Also elements can be resized. If your radar got resized to 1 it will be hard to see.

    fyi size 1 is very handy for the new alerts panel if you don't like the way it vibrates. Then you can move it to the bottom right corner of the screen where you can still click it easily.
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