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    Thank you Trindal!! :)

    Hey guys! so I noticed trindal as of late has been an un-sung hero! =[ she hit commander a big milestone for all pvp players and us freeps were all far to busy thinking of our own renown than to take the time to put upa gratz thread! NOW having confided with trindal she said under no circumstance was I allowed to put up a gratz thread as it was too late... BUT I have been doing some brainstorming > and I thought ok so she said I couldn't put up gratz post but she never said I couldn't put up a thread to say a BIG thankyou to her for saving our sorry ***** from whatever god awful fate the creeps had in store for us :P
    so guys this thread is devoted entirely to our beloved mini trindal, she is one of the few players that make up the heart and soul of the ettenmoors and always gives us a laugh in OOC come now and write an endearing message and show your appreciation for trindal! backbone of the free peoples!

    I will start things off with my own message

    dear Trindal:

    thank you trindal for helping me out and tossing me heals and revives, thank you for always giving it 100% effort and 120% effort when your drinking wine :P
    thank you trindal for making me laugh 60% of the time I see your name in OOC and the other 40% im often in agreement with what you say
    thank you trindal for always being up for a friendly in game chat, you always do your best to give the best and some times most sarcastic advice possible :P

    also I have been given a request by various wine making brands to deliver a thankyou on their behalf for keeping them in business during these hard and trying times! :P *hides*

    thanks trin!

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    Thank you Trin for being on the moors through the good and the bad. For showing new players the fun of PVMP. For showing veteran players that fun is always first. For being a good sport. For showing that "class" is more than the kind of toon you play.

    Cheers to the classiest and best on the moors: TRINDAL!
    Whoever says “I” creates the “you.” Such is the trap of every conscience. The “I” signifies both solitude and rejection of solitude. Words name things and then replace them. Whoever says tomorrow, denies it. Tomorrow exists only for him who does not seek it. And yesterday? Yesterday is Kolvillàg: a name to forget, a word already forgotten.

    The Oath: A Novel by Elie Wiesel

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    The efforts of getting the freeps together is applauded. However, I think, Trin, you're trying to preach to the deaf ears. Half of the population are still clueless even your "whip" does not penetrate the stupidity.

    It's sad, really.
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    Trindal you are awesome! You can run a raid effectively while still keeping it fun and enjoyable! Its great fighting side by side with you in the moors. Congrats on your rank also which you well deserve and keep up the awesome work!
    Cynfr - Rank 12 Burglar - We Got This - Arkenstone

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    Trin my dear, not sure what happened to that other post! How wrong is that?

    Thanks for being a fun person to jumpyjump with, its always nice to see you out there <3

    and um, grats! ya! oh wait.. um grats on um being Trin! Yes! and being cool and stuff!

    <3 Tesla/Allure/Iridiel/Anat/Damspider
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    Grats Trin :P

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    Trin ...the mother of pvp .....<3 u trin
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    Thanks to all who posted (and especially Arathrir - my sweet Irish!) You guys rock! This is way better than a ranking gratz thread!

    Cheers to timely heals, minitank goodness and more crazy fun!

    <3 my pvp kids

    All Shall Fade



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