I'm doing a quest called "Arnmoth the Exacting" in Forochel (got the quest in Zigilgund) and the objective of this quest is to go in the Icecreave mines, find Arnmoth the Exacting (elite), and defeat him. My problem is that I can neither attack Arnmoth nor be attacked by him. I searched it up on google and found out that he is supposed to attack after you kill his adds (dourhands) but that never happened to me. I believe there were 3 dourhands that immediately attacked me as I entered the room in which Arnmoth was in. After I defeated them, I tried to attack Arnmoth but it wouldn't let me. Also, you guys know how enemies morale/power bars are outlined in red to show that they will attack you, right? Well, Arnmoth's morale/power bar stayed green the whole time. The adds kept respawning and attacking me but Arnmoth himself never attacked me once and I couldn't attack him. :P What am I doing wrong? Or is it a bug???