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    Private Message box greyed out

    I've been trying to send a Private Message to Sapience regarding an upcoming event our kin is having but the place where I'd normally type my message is greyed out. Is anyone familiar with how to make it so you can type the body of your message? The recipient's name and the title box can be typed in. I also have all the various options (font, size, etc.) available but the body of the message box is grey with no place to actually type.

    Any help out there?
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    The first thing I'd try would be selecting 'compatibility view' on your browser. That's what fixes it for me when that happens.

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    Change to compatibility mode. In IE10 there's an icon at the end of the address bar that looks like a page ripped into 2 pieces. Click that and it will turn blue. The page format will get skewed but you write in the message box.

    Don't forget to unclick the blue page after your done to return the forums to their "normal" look.

    iirc it's a missing patch to the vbulletin(?) forums and as the forums will be replaced SOON(tm) I think T is working on getting the new ones in order. Last eta I heard was after 7/4 (a holiday in the usa).
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    Thanks, guys. Worked like a charm.



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