I seem to be incredibly unlucky with my Hunter. I know what legacies I would like. I know I need to eventually deconstruct them to get a scroll so I can swap out a legacy item on a new weapon. Great. The last 30 Hunter LI bows/crossbows I have identified had not one critical legacy. In fact, of the 7 legacies I want I have not seen 4 of them in the last 30 LIs. Is this normal?

Is there another approach to getting a second or first age bow and being in a position to swap out the legacies on it? If it was another class I would just go buy some in the AH, but hunter weapons, especially bows are about 1-2 Gold each. about 10-20X most other classes.

is there a better approach? Am I missing something? To make matters worse the last two 2nd age bows I got do not have a single legacy I would like to keep.