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    Best relics for Hunter DPS?

    And I suppose Burg/Warden DPS as well...

    I am wondering if these 3 relics are the best for DPS (and does it make sense to use them on both your weapon and class item).

    If there is a better option, please let me know. Does the devaste magnitude from two of those setting properly stack, or do you not get the effect from two?

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    Yeah, those are the best.

    Consider True Gem of the Rising Moon for some vitality & more fate too.
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    I use those 3 Relics on my Hunter's Bow, too.
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    Due to the fate changes, for my new burglar dagger I decided to go with:
    True Setting of the Long Winter
    True Gem of the Rising Moon
    True Rune of the White Mountains

    I think I'd use the same for a Hunter.

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    do -5% attack duration have any "quickening" effect on bow inductions ?

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    Not on inductions, only on the post-attack delay. Which helps get off the next skill faster, though if you're alternating inductions and Fast skills like a pro, the Fast skill is already ignoring the post-attack delay of the previous skill.
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    Well in the heat of the battles i wont always act as a "pro" but i still leave -5% attack duration to melee fighters like champs and burglar.

    As i understand from reading elsewhere theres better choices for hunters than the white mountain relic.

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    something i could not find, but are the relics you put on your mainhand also applicable for your bow? so a bonus of +7.5% devastating attack become then +15% bonus? (i'm doubting between + health or +dps for my bow... )

    so i do have two different li's, do the bonusses stack or can i better add health or other relics on my mainhand (as a buffstick since i never am in melee attack)
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