First off i tried getting this thread going on my server with little luck....

basically what i asked was about creep mitigation's especially a high ranked reaver I am asking this cause i have notice on rank 10 or higher reavers seem to take very little damage is this just a bad class match up hunter vs reaver designed by turbine or am I doing something wrong it feels like except for the warleader that i can rip off amazing dps on all other classes in the moors I am about to hit rank 13 on my server so I have been in the moors for years now so i have seen all the hunter changes I miss our old dps 10-13k HS 1 shotting creeps lol I started this thread to have good conversations with other moors hunters please refrain making stupid statements cause i enjoy talking about my class and killing creeps

I have heard several rumors

1. Being the first 4-5k ripping of a reaver is completed mitigated after that it is comes off pretty easy has anyone else heard this? or just rumor
2. according to others the reaver has a higher physical mitigation is this true?
3.I understand that charge has a lot to do with and who can get the first hit makes a huge difference

any other ideas or input u guys have for moors hunting please feel free to post about