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    Lightbulb Who is the richest in imladris?

    Hey guys,

    I see many people with gold items, and buying horse-lords recipes by 1.5kk or more. And im think, who is the richest in imladris?

    This is much easier to make money today. I do not know if by "expanding" the server, or simply inflation (hehe).

    So tell me, who is the richest person you know, and how many golds she owns.


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    Well, i think people did not understand right. So I'll start:

    The most richest (with gold reserve - 4000g) i know in imladris, it's me.

    But, i think the people with most $$$ in itens it's Lupim or Bang.

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    I understood the question fine, I think you should consider though that people do get their accounts hacked from time to time, usually to steal items of worth and to take away all the gold someone has saved up. As a result many may not be so eager to share how much they actually have so as not to entice hackers to zero in on their accounts.

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    Calillas has a pretty good point.
    Anyway, I used to have quite a bit of gold...

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    I would venture to guess by the *massive* amount of AH posts one particular player makes, he/she is likely well at the gold cap and in fact may be a gold farmer/seller. I cannot name him because I actually think asking us to do so violates CoC rules. Suffice it to say we have a running joke in my kin about it and even in glff I have seen it mentioned.

    He basically has multiple versions of his name on the AH, all selling items in hundreds of golds up to thousands where symbols are concerned. He also seems to do a lot of buying up items and re-posting them at amazing mark-ups to drive prices up, since many of his posts for crafted items do not bear any of his names but do bear those of their crafters, including some of my own.

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    I think I know who you're talking about. His name reminds me of an old commercial for Life cereal, "Ask Mikey, he'll eat anything!"

    Am I close?
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