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    Lore-master war-steeds

    Hello everyone, i got a little question.
    Im a lore-master but which kind of war-steed is the best for a LM?
    A light, medium or heavy??
    Please help me. ;D

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    i would say try them all and pick what you like

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    Yeah but a LM on a heavy war-steed is a bit silly isn't it?

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    Jun 2011
    I mostly use heavy, sometimes light, it depends on the warband I'm fighting. Medium I didn't like on LM.
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    LM is in a great place with mounted combat, great heals, switch stances, some power return, excellent bleeds...

    That said, speed is king, light steed, no other option for me.
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    I loved the heavy one. But with one patch Ride for Ruin cosnumed steedpower and it began to feel uncomfortable... I switched to medium.



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