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    Unexpected Exiles

    We are Unexpected Exiles. We are opening our doors to players of all levels and playstyles to join us. Unexpected Exiles is a medium size, raiding rank 6 kinship whose goal is to have fun. The majority of the kin is based in the US with some members from other time zones who are on during off-peak hours. We are committed to creating an community atmosphere, where there is no drama, but plenty of fun "dirty" talk, so this kinship is strictly for adults only.

    Our motto is 'Let's have some fun.' You will find that our kinship is full of funny and wonderful people who are ready to have fun and share in the diverse experiences LotRO has to offer. Members are encouraged to become involved. Everyone has a voice and is encouraged to speak their mind and help us a grow as a group. We are not just another kinship but a family, and opening our family's door to others means a lot to us. All new recruits would be place on a 5-days trial to see if you are a good fit with us, and us with you.

    We also have vent and an alliance chat channel. We have alliances with several kinships on Nimrodel, including Dancing in the Dark, Free the Dangler, Exceptional and others.

    18 years of age+
    no drama
    Good personality
    Sense of humor
    Willing to group with others
    Be yourself
    Enjoying Lotro and having fun

    If you are interested in join us, please send tell to Scorpioshadow/Scorpioluna, Deli, Dzurenda/Melikae, Thorobil/Thorogil and Larilien
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    “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” -???

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    Be ready for me when the Goat returns!
    Goatski - Lvl 115 Tank, Goatshanksu- Burg Lvl 115, Goatster - RK Lvl 115, Minigoat -Mini lvl 115, Goatshingshing - Champ lvl 115,
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    Me and Giny go together like peas and carrots.

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    Red face Really hope you back for sure

    Quote Originally Posted by Goatski View Post
    Be ready for me when the Goat returns!
    When does the Goat returns :P
    “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” -???

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeddemon View Post
    Me and Giny go together like peas and carrots.
    In that case....



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