Does anyone know if one of the 3 tarnished symbols of the elder king sold at the legendary item vender in the skirmish camp is actually equivalent to the symbol of the elder king needed to make a legendary weapon by an artisan with the guild woodworker? I noticed that they have 3 listed there, but while they each cost a different number of seals, they all have the same description saying they are all needed for level 85 weapons--I'd like to make a level 65 1st age weapon.

And if the one with the lowest number of required seals IS the one I need for my woodworker to make a 1st age legendary weapon level 65, how do I get enough seals to buy this item? I checked with the currency exchange and apparently while I can trade marks for medallions and medallions for marks, I can't trade either for seals - unless there are a few bugs in the skirmish camp part of the game.

I ask this because my main toon is currently at level 58, and I'd like to be able to craft a 1st age weapon for her when she gets to level 65, but I'm a solo player with little to no opportunity to play the tier 2 Ost Dunhoth raid to pick this item up as a loot, and I certainly do not have 100+ gold to be able to purchase the rare symbol sold in the AH - I can't imagine ever getting a toon up to 50g, let alone over 100 that I've seen these things for sale for! So I'm hoping that I can buy it at the vendor--even if it means grinding through skirmishes until I earn marks to be able to purchase it!