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    What can we expect with the new housing later this year?

    The last time we got any word was the diary back in May.

    Since then, I've not seen anything here. (Yes, I admit I might have missed something. I'm human.)

    Since it's almost July, can someone from the community team please prod someone from the housing dev team to at least give us a notion beyond what we've been told as to what we can look forward to (and/or plan around) with housing?

    If there was some sort of off-site announcement (another site/twitter/etc.), I'll be happy to know about that as well.

    *fills a table with many things team members and devs might find appeasing*
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    I am curious, too. Anything on this that you might be able to add to the next "20 Questions", Sapience?

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    Never, Turbine wont make any housing update. They aint gonna bother no metter what they say.

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    I read somewhere that rooftop helipads are going to be added to all Deluxe houses/kin houses.

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    Not sure.

    I am not personally sure of any update to the active housing. In all honesty there are alot of things that should be upgraded as far as that is concerned.

    Things that would be nice to see:

    1) Individual players able to own houses not account wide, but individual toons each able to buy and customizes their own living space.

    2) Size upgrade for the kin houses and Deluxe houses. In all honesty the deluxe houses are just not big enough.

    3) Possibly a big on here. A total revamp on the housing system. (ie: Instead of purchasing already made player houses, the player buys a plot of land at a set size. The player then purchases a house kit and can then build and create a living space to their own design.)

    Now theses are just some things that my small group of friends who play all think would definitely spruce up the housing system and make the houses in game more appealing. More and more we hear from others that the housing system is stupid and isn't even worth wasting money on. I understand that this is a company and you all need to make you money somewhere, but in all honesty I pay good hard earned money for my sub and as a paying memeber of this community and this game would at least like to hear this post responded to by a mod or gm.

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    I got the impression it was going to be delivered with the Helms Deep expansion. We are going to have wait until Turbine to talk about the expansion all the other goodies that come with it.
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