Elitism and his many manifestations :

A growing pest is slowly making it's way out of the shadows and back to the everyday interactions in our server. i may be misguided , but my observations make this statement somewhat true. it seems to me that this elitism find it's peak in the summer time , when many come back and many others have grind every bit of the last released content. its not exclusive to freep side. as the meaning of the word clearly states , some players here and there make it a habit voluntary or involuntary, intentional or unintentional of making fun , criticizing , trashing and categorizing other players. Why do they belief they "have the power " to do such things ??? From my own lived experiences in-game this have come from members of renowned Kins or tribes , high rank freep or creep, not having perfect English grammar , or random annon players in glff. This is not intended to be a complete list of sources or generic generalizations. The purpose of this post is to make everyone (including me ) reflect about our attitudes towards other players , that are not just toons but persons who feel. With such little actions we can be headed to a more friendly general attitude and a stronger sense of server community.