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    Looking for help with lag in Raid vs. Raid battles

    For the past few months, I've been experiencing pretty bad lag in raid vs. raid fights in the Moors. Even though during the battles I'm still getting 20-30 fps. I'm not getting skill lag really, as I can still attack/heal, but the graphics on my screen start to slowly fall behind real time the longer I'm in the fight. If I get away from the fight by dying/running, I then have to wait for the graphics to catch, i.e. numbers scrolling above my head, people appearing as corpses still, people's animations still going off, even though they're standing next to me doing nothing, etc.

    When I'm not in those battles I'm getting around 40-50 fps and experience no lag all, running on ultra high graphic settings.

    During the raid battles, I've tried turning my graphics all the way down, and it does increase my FPS, but doesn't do anything to help the lag.

    I'm looking for some suggestions on what my problem might be. Not sure if the problem is on my end or a server issue.
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    I usually see this when my internet connection is wacky. I forget where it is, but there is an option to show the link status on the HUD. Might try turning that on and see if there is a correlation. As for determining the cause, I would check if anyone else is having similar issues, if not then more then likely it is on your end. Do some google searches for t-shooting latency. Also make sure you router has up to date firmware.

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    turning off all effects and stuff like that should help in the big battles.
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