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    High Chieftain Killdozer

    Congratulations on rank 13 Dozer, supreme bacon-saver and shouter of shouts.
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    Grats dozer

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    7th Circle of Hell
    Grats Dozer!!

    looks like everyone wanted to play with the Dozer!

    Keep up the great job, so much fun to have you out here!

    <3 Anat
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    always a pleasure to have around sir. congratulations, it's been a long road.
    "death is nothing to us, for when we are.. death has not come. And when death has finally come, we are not"
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    schhhh.... GRATZ DOZER.....schhhh!
    You're my hero!!!!
    I remember the one time you tanked a whole freep raid from TR to grams!!!! schhhhh.....
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    Congratulations, lovely. It's good to see you again - sorry I missed the ranking! Maybe next one?

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    Grats Dozer <3 Youre the best!

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    Grats you dps warleader
    retired warden mouse clicker turtlemoss, countless storebought creeps

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    Congrats Dozer. Took you long enough =p
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    Congrats Dozer, much respect for your dedication especially after that little lootbox fiasco. On to 14!

    Oh yeah log into mumble more.
    High Chieftain Dafromanx - Blackarrow
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    Congratz Dozer !!! such patience and perseverance.

    Quote Originally Posted by dafroisweet View Post
    Congrats Dozer, much respect for your dedication especially after that little lootbox fiasco. On to 14!

    Oh yeah log into mumble more.

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    By far my favorite WL out there and a great one at that. Great 1v1ing you because I always get a great fight that I usually end up losing. Wish I could have been out there for the rank!

    - Cyn
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    I'm one of those scrubs who went to Brandywine and then came back.

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    GRATZ ya beast! shooting arrows at u is like shooting at a brick wall it just doesn't happen ...thanks for leading the creeps
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    Grats Dozer!!!

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    grats man!

    Def well deserved man you're a tough sob and im glad you're out there to inspire the creeps to push and put fear into freepside! Keep it up man you're def one of the best
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Gungus - Captain

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    Grats Dozer! Im Sorry I Missed The Ranking you've earned it Get in mumble sometime and the Steelers still Blow!
    Rustynailz The Black Blade

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    Gratz Dozer!!!!

    I can't believe you came back to this God-forsaken game.
    [center][color=red]Now roaming the earth searching for a fun, interesting game.......again.[/color][/center]


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    Gratz dozer. Good to see you out here again. Still stuck in combat btw. xD You're basically the only person I wouldn't bother 1v1ing. :P

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    Равнины Ада

    Talking Gratz!

    Gratz Dozer! Holy shnikees!


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    Congrats Dozer!
    Skurvy • Mutunus | Lathfara • Tarinyx • Vypsania • Vettorial

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    Congrats Hooker...

    How did I get here?



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