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    We Literally can not get out!

    While doing the moria books for my warden, I reached the we can not get out session play. After retreating back across the bridge of khazud-dum I reached the NPC to take me back to the 21st hall and it told me: "You can not do this in combat." Then the trolls came across the bridge and killed me. I am assuming this is due to the recent changes due to the PVP exploits. I realized that if I had maybe ran away faster I may not have entered combat and would be able to advance the session play, I'll probably try again tomorrow, but for right now this is major roadblock in finishing the books.
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    I ran into the same issue last night when I began that session play chapter.
    It took me 'several' attempts to complete the mission successfully. There is quite a bit more left to do after crossing the bridge without attracting unwanted attention from those giant armored trolls...
    Knowing how the story turns out from having read the books, I was not surprised to be defeated the first time fighting a leader orc, I think I may have been able to survive longer as my burglar with better weapons and more skills, but the story was about what happened in the book of Marzurbal, and he end result was true to the book...
    Try the mission again, it is worth viewing all the way t the conclusion.
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