This might be a stupid question, but I was looking at the level 85 melded relics and I still struggle to see anything I would use instead of my pretties. I'm probably a bit late to the party, but have have finally started setting up new LIs.

-- The gem of faith has nice tanking stats, so useless for us
-- The gem of charity has Tact mitigation, Tact Mastery and power
-- The gem of hope has Crit defense, Morale and power

Other then the crit defense, the gem of hope has nothing that you cannot get far more easily somewhere else.
The Charity gem is the nicest, but it has less Tact mastery, the mitigation is small, and I'm nearly capped anyway. The power <shrug>.

I guess that true gems will appear eventually, but extrapolating their stats from the level 80s, its more of the same.

Considering a pair of these guys would cost about 15,000 shards as well, I just don't see any point in any of them.

Am I missing something? I know this comes up every now and again, I'm just struggling with the idea that my pair of 4 year old relics are still the best option out there.