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    Adamant Gem of Dreams

    This might be a stupid question, but I was looking at the level 85 melded relics and I still struggle to see anything I would use instead of my pretties. I'm probably a bit late to the party, but have have finally started setting up new LIs.

    -- The gem of faith has nice tanking stats, so useless for us
    -- The gem of charity has Tact mitigation, Tact Mastery and power
    -- The gem of hope has Crit defense, Morale and power

    Other then the crit defense, the gem of hope has nothing that you cannot get far more easily somewhere else.
    The Charity gem is the nicest, but it has less Tact mastery, the mitigation is small, and I'm nearly capped anyway. The power <shrug>.

    I guess that true gems will appear eventually, but extrapolating their stats from the level 80s, its more of the same.

    Considering a pair of these guys would cost about 15,000 shards as well, I just don't see any point in any of them.

    Am I missing something? I know this comes up every now and again, I'm just struggling with the idea that my pair of 4 year old relics are still the best option out there.

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    Maybe, maybe if they'd included some of those 4-relic gems at 85, then maybe, maybe you would have had a tough decision to make. As it is, the majority seem to think that your beauties are still best-in-slot. Think I've seen a thread or two around reaching that exact conclusion.

    Although, and I'll volunteer right away I'm probably in the minority on this, the level 80 gem True Gem of the Rising Moon is getting close to being on par. Two major stats on one relic is pretty nice plus both physical and tactical mastery. For RKs or minis, no way, but since we still have to get our staff and whack-a-mole now and then, it isn't too shabby. If I had the option to choose between the two, I'd have to think about it for a while. But I don't. Jealousy.

    In seriousness though, since I only PvE and only find challenge in trying to solo group content, if I did have the choice, I'd lean towards the Gem of the Rising Moon. If I was only concerned about dps or PvMP, I'd lean towards your two antiques. Either way, I agree with you. As gems go, nothing in the new level 85 set is worth slotting.
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    I'm with you on this. I was excited to see level 85 relics, but there really was nothing in the set that made me want to spend shards.

    I'll just keep grinding shards for Helm's Deep.
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    I still have two of these beauties on my minstrel and keep reslotting them in new LIs. There simply aren't any other gems yet which compare. Every time new relics get released I check them out only to be disappointed. As it is I just wish I had four of them on my mini, four on my RK and three more on my LM. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to grind out these beauties on the RK and LM before the ability to acquire them was lost.

    Do keep in mind you can play around with them when the Bullroarer test server is up. You can get legendary packs which have a bunch of LI stuff in them and some of the items are the old relics from before they reduced the tiers and removed a lot of the relics. It's just too bad I can't move them over to the live servers.

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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I kinda have a twitch towards the True gems of the rising moon, but right now the Fate offers less crit and ICPR than the stats on the Adamant gem, and the total mastery (Phys+Tact) on it is barely more than the lump of Tact mastery the Adamant gem gives. The Vitality is the only edge it has, but 35 Vit is in no way enough to swing the balance.

    The way they boost stats on these guys, it'll slowly improve so that in 2-3 iterations it will probably be worth using instead of the Adamant gem.

    I think that the 2 things that still niggle me about the whole thing is that these are best possible for at least 2 classes, and are nearly 5 years old, and have not been in game for at least 2 (even though for once I am one of the have rather than have-nots).

    The second is that as things have changed, they could gave been gently retired, but if anything all the rule and role changes have made them more powerful. -- Consider, our healing role is much better, but lots of tact mastery helps.

    A last thought. I dumped my Adamant Gems of the Moon years back, because they were the less effective option at the time. Might regret that now. Anyone fancy a relic with: 96 ICPR, 1200 Tact Mastery, 600 tact mit?



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