Here's a post with an interesting suggestion for BAs. That does seem nice. What do other BA's think? I can't help but feel it is a tad overpowered, perhaps. But here are some more ideas and suggestions to share with other BA's, and to generally start a debate on what could be changed/improved for us.

1. The quoted poster above is definitely correct when he says that cooldowns need to change. Very often during a long fight you will reach a point where pretty much ALL skills are on cooldown, and you are left spamming Strong Pull as it's the only one available. How often would a Freep class encounter a situation when he or she ran out of skills to use? Even if this problem ever arose, many (if not all) freep classes have a skill which can effectively reset certain cooldowns. Not so for Creeps. Why? I believe we should have this ability.

Another solution to address this, at least for us BAs, would be to simply add one or two more skills to our rotation, as noted below...

2. We see many incoming freep DoTs these days. Multiple DoTs, long-duration DoTs, stackable DoTs, and unpottable DoTs. It needs balancing. It so needs balancing. So I want a new non-induction Ranged attack that would deliver a long-duration bleed. Call it, say, 'Deadly Barb'. A serious, heavy bleed which cannot be potted.

I am left puzzled and disappointed at how under-developed creeps really are compared to our rich and privileged freep counterparts. There is a variety of 'Enhanced' skills that improve existing skills - but only with the expenditure of valuable trait slots. Creeps are quite restricted in what builds they can achieve. I would like to see certain 'Enhanced' skills attributed to you automatically and by default through rank, that don’t require a trait slot. Freeps get numerous 'Improved' versions of skills they already possess, which they get simply through reaching a certain level, and don't require a special trait. For example:

3. Remove the trait ‘Enhanced: Hindering Shot’, and simply apply the added duration slow to the base skill when you achieve, say, Rank 7 or whatever. Without this special trait the slow lasts - compared to default freep slows - for an absolutely pitiful 8 seconds. It is really frustrating that in order to compete and have a useful skill like this we are forced to expend a trait slot (which I don't any longer with Hindering shot, in favour of something more valuable). Same can be said for many other 'Enhanced' skills. Field Promotion on War-Leaders is another chief offender.

4. DoTs again. We need more DoTs! Add a Damage-over-time affect to 'No You Don't'. I love this skill. Would love it even more if it applied a few damage ticks as well. Nothing op, just something mild would be okay, in the order of 200-300 damage every 4 seconds for 20 seconds.

5. Screaming Shafts is not a much used, or much valued skill. In fact it hardly gets used except when all other skills are on cooldown (see no. 1 above) The damage is meh, at best. It cannot be used on the run in Skirmisher, and the long animation is even more compounded by the induction. To improve it, I visualize either removing the induction, making it a Skirmisher stance skill (usable on the move), or make it a fast skill with quicker animation – or increase its 3 ranged attacks to 4, thus increasing the overall damage output. Any one of these ideas would bring this poor and often neglected skill back into a BA's regular skill rotation.

6. Finally, something I would love to see implemented for not just BA, but all creep classes. And that is a single skill - each - that would deliver a separate, and unique Damage type. Like a creep version of the freeps' Beleriand dmg. Maybe every creep could have one skill that damages with this type, a unique and cunningly nasty type, which bypasses not just Audacity, but both physical and tactical mitigation. Nor can it be blocked/parried/evaded. Nothing massively op - certainly not a 'Revenge' or a 'Vital Target' or 'Devastating Strikes'. Just a regular medium-damaging skill, one skill per class, on a long duration. It would be ‘special’ only in that freeps' already heavy stacked mitigations cannot defend against it.