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    Exclamation Lore-Master free class bes duo

    I know the best duo for a Lore-Master is a Warden.
    Bu i am think about a burglar or a Minstrel
    What do you think would be better duo?

    Oh, and with u have another class to sugest, please give your opinion!

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    I think not warden, but champ is the best duo partner for LM.

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    Wards dont need duo partner maybe they are one man armies

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    I was skirming with a champ once and we made a good team so i think hunter+champ=dead mobs. If this is true I think Turbine did this on purpose because Legolas and Gimli were hunter and champ and they worked together.

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    Personally i hate the LM, but its not about my opinion so i wont talk about that The burglar is a CC/debuff class as is the LM so having both could be a bit boring. The minstrel is a healer and since both; lm and mini are light armor users you would'y be able to accomplish anything special. So as the guy above me said, out of the free to play classes the champ is your best choice atm. although i think that when playing duo the best combination is guardian/hunter or guardian/mini (wdn/rk worked absolutely awesome for me; felt like we could duo everything xD)

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    My husband and I duo'd my LM and his mini from start to 85 and it's still our favorite duo. Heals, CC, bear tank, good aoe damage/stuns, both with a rez just in case, it's a very symbiotic pair. Sometimes he'll just heal-tank or kite-tank, healing himself while I burn mobs, but his main is a guard so he's got plenty of tanking experience. It was rough in the early 20s but became very dynamic after lvl 30. Fun pair!

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    Pretty much any class can duo with a LM. LMs rock :P and champs do too.
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