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I'm pretty happy with the Warg. I think it's a really well put together class. If Wargs seems weak it's only because a couple of the freep classes are so op.

I played a spider the last time around - back before they had a true pet, but only the tri-baby swarm. She was top ranked on the server (not this server) but I had less success then, with her, than I do now with the Warg. It may simply be that I have more control over the target I pick.

I feel kinda bad for Hunters. They're pretty weak compared to the god-mode class they were at the start of the game and particularly after MoM.

It would be fun to see another race/class creepside. That's probably a pipe-dream though.
Hoping Wargs get back their mojo, they could shred from stealth in the last update, made those fights fun but too fast, I like it long and slow, yeah I said that.

That Dark Sorc you see in the PvMP forums, they ever do something like that I would switch to creep full time for the moors.