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    Lotto Chance ???

    You got to love this I haven't hit a lotto since April 14 and they finally get it going over the weekend and I don't hit on one and I have 10 alts, you got to love it, just was wanting to know is it a random chance to hit or does Turbine just pick and give it to people that their subscriptions are about to go out was just wondering because the last time I hit on anything my subscription was about to go out, of course I re-new mine all the time but it just seems weird, what do you all think ???

    NOTE: Oh by the way your signatures are not working on here any more all I get is a big freakin "X"....
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    Welcome to RNGs...sometimes you win, more often you don't.
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    I only have a Premium account and I won on one of my lowbie alts.

    It's random.

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    I was surprised to see that all 6 of my toons won the TFIF lottery. But not the other ones.
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