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Thread: chaoticevil

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    congratulations on rank 12, quite impressive, lots of bubbles, blah blah blah

    Deltron and TheGodKing

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    Hey, so like, grats, rank 12 is impressive. Also, thanks for all of the bubbles.

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    May 2007
    da crib
    grats on rank 12 bubbles
    [B] @2 [/B]

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    Grats. You rock at bubbles. Quite impressive.
    Also, you are really good at playing war-leader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ1125 View Post
    Also, you are really good at playing war-leader.
    Can't argue with that logic i have a great time when fighting against you gratz man hope to see you soon.
    "I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it." -Niccolo Machiaveli

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    Grats Pause!
    Duruleth - 100 RK, Durindor - 100 Grd, Durselm - 76 LM, Durscap - 100 Cpt, Henckel - 79 Champ, Durbear - 100 Beorning, Anglin - 67 Mins

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    Gratz Pause!

    Misadventure - R14 Hunter, Fatwanda-1 - R10 Guard
    Velvetsixteen - R13 Reaver, Reported - R11 Warg, Gloriousleader - R10 WL

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    Hey Pause, I just logged in to say you're pretty awesome. Grats bro! And also, I'm going to call you bubbles from now on.
    Camden • Bancroft • Kimball • Melinnas • Psarra • Prentice • Lirendil

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    Big congrats my friend. One good memory I have is when you and I stared down 9 freeps on horses and they ran away. Fear the Ba and Wl combo. Onward to 13. And to add on to the new name, I think it should be BDbubbler



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