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Thread: Lag fix??

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    Unhappy Lag fix??

    Hi I love this game. I have read all books + seen the movies. But... the lag ruins the game for me. I get frustrated knowing that when I raid I wont see high graphics, I will face camera at the ground and I will lag HORRIBLY. That's just not fun. PLease fix it or you will have more angry comments then before...

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    I'm a European player which plays in an American Server. Well it doesn't matter actually, since i think all servers are in America (i said "i think" so please feel free to correct me).
    The server's name is Vilya.

    Now, as far as the "lag" goes, i really have never since my upgrade to a i5-3470 CPU experienced problems in raids.
    Yes there is rubberbanding (especially with warbands), and yes there are lag spikes that might freeze the whole server (this i experience once every 3 weeks - not so common), but the "lag" that i had with raids is gone forever.

    Now you really make it sound like it's not a connection problem (yours or the Servers'). In fact you claim that you've lowered your graphics in order to play in raids so i'm quite sure it's a problem with your PC.

    You would help us enormously if you'd write down your PC specs (CPU, GPU, RAM and Operational System) and what options you use for graphics.
    Another thing you should do is hit "Ctrl+F" while in game in any place of Middle Earth and tell us your FPS number.
    Then i'll be back to help you further.

    My PC specs are :
    i5-3470 Processor
    GT 430 Graphics Card
    8 GB RAM (Corsair vengeance0
    Windows 7
    and i play in 1280x800 at 80+FPS on great graphics

    1 year back when i had a 4200+ AMD, i had 40FPSmax with all settings at low.

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    My computer isn't the newest or fastest, so I do have lag problems as well sometimes (particularly in raids). When you raid, if you haven't done it already, go to social options, find the box that says "only show dispellable effects" and check it. That's the single most helpful thing I've done to reduce lag. You can also go to UI settings, scroll down to special effects options, and disable some or all of them.

    In addition, instead of setting the textural detail to low (which, in my opinion, makes the most difference to how the game looks), you could try messing with some of the other settings and setting them to medium or low - stencil shadows, object draw distance, surface reflections, and that sort of thing.

    I'm nowhere near being a tech expert, so please follow the advice of people who know what they're doing, such as the poster above. But those are a few things that have helped me a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent_Price View Post
    ...i really have never since my upgrade to a i5-3470 CPU experienced problems in raids.

    ... i'm quite sure it's a problem with your PC.
    and you would be quite wrong - in being sure. Many, many players have posted that they have very high end gaming rigs and they still have lag issues. Logically, you would think better computer = less issues. But the evidence shows this is not true for Lotro.

    For most games it is true because the the developer has optimized the game correctly to run well on most hardware systems. For Lotro Turbine has not done this very well. The result is the game runs well on some systems, and runs poorly on some systems that have better specs than the ones it runs well on. It you look at a AAA MMO or AAA game, one of the last things the developer does is this optimization to make sure it runs well on different systems. They have not done this for the newer expansions of Lotro. Many players have written they have had to quit the game because of lag issues when their PC can run on high settings any other MMO or game. When you say "I have no lag so something must be wrong with your computer" you are showing your lack of knowledge. And possible telling someone the wrong thing.

    So OP, I hope you can figure this out, and get good advice. And I hope you can tweak your computer to get less lag. Good luck. Maybe some people will have tips to help you.

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    The original poster said he has problems only in raids. So it's safe to eliminate your generalization of "Having problems throughout the game". At least that's what i understood from his one and only post.
    If you understood different please bold the exact phrases that made you believe so.

    So if you have problems only in raids, yes "Better PC Hardware = Less 'lag' ". And i say 'lag' cause it's actually LOW FPS and not delay because of high ping.

    The only bad optimization i can say Turbine has done, is post-RoR with the memory leaks. Other than that it's pretty good with all other graphic improvements (DX 11, and other small stuff like mirror projections, footprints etc).

    Give me a ragekiss now

    P.S. : you don't expect to have 12 characters + many other enemies throwing skill, fire , dots,buffs, heals and attacks CONSTANTLY and not giving your computer a hard time. It was always that way for LOTRO. Lucklily, as i said, that changed dramatically for me when i only bought a new Processor (with a fairly weak GPU).
    You can do what Chrisli said. It will definitely improve your FPS Drops.
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    My personal opinion as always.

    Optimizing applications to improve performance is time consuming and costly. Helms Deep will increase the size and complexiity of the Lotro software. I expect performance will go down.

    Typically what happens on the applications I work on a major release reduces performance. We have to analyze and release changes to the software to improve performance before the next major release. Or we sometimes we decide there is nothing we can do about the degradation because the only way to fix it is to remove the new features which is not happening.

    Our goal is to try our best to hold the line when a major release occurs by minimizing the degradation.
    Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post is My Personal Opinion.

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    If your computer's hardware powerhouse, you use a modern 64-bit OS, you pay good money for a fast internet connection, you keep your drivers updated, and you keep your pc free of malware and bloatware, I very highly doubt you'll be experiencing lag. Take away even one of the above and you're asking for lag in this game.

    #1 Hardware: Get a fast modern processor and a fast modern video card that has 2 gig or more higher on the memory. The video card should ideally cost at least $350 to make sure you're getting a blazing fast one. For overall memory, get at least 8 gig. Make sure you have a 64-bit OS. Make sure you have all your drivers updated. If you can afford it get an SSD. Here are some sample hardware specs on a PC that costs about $1400: http://www.digitalstormonline.com/virtue.asp

    - Intel Core i5 4570 CPU
    - 8GB 1600MHz Memory
    - Corsair H60 Liquid Cooling
    - 120GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD
    - 1TB 7200RPM Storage HDD
    - ASUS Z87 Chipset Motherboard
    - 600W Corsair CX Power Supply
    - DVD-R/RW/CD-R/RW
    - Microsoft Windows 8

    #2 Fast internet connection: Get the fastest internet you can afford.

    #3 Use a good antivirus program and avoid "sketchy torrent" to make sure your computer is 100% free of malware and bloatware. If it's been a year or two since you're done a destructive restore, back up everything and do a complete restore. Then, after installing the essentials like drivers, install LOTRO and see how it runs.

    If you expect to play this game on its minimum hardware requirements and not experience lag, especially when grouped, you're going to be horribly mistaken. You need to invest in a decent, fast PC to play this game. You have to invest in a decent, fast internet connection. You have to take responsibility to keep your pc free of malware and bloatware. Even having too many legitimate programs running at once can slow down a pc enough you might notice lag.
    other favorite middle-earth games: The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7; LotR: The Card Game by FFG; Hobbit/LotR Strategy Battle Game by GW

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    so your saying every time turbine touches lotro I need a new pc basicly? sounds good....

    sorry to burst your bubble but don't dismiss turbines connection and servers either along with their poor coding. Let me give you an example. Orthanc raid, shadow boss (big fat dude right before saruman)... I ran it in high specs etc without any lag or problems. ROR came and it's a lagfest... wouldn't be my pc without having run any other programms software etc it's gone from great to a lagfest. Since ror I just need to keep tuning things down after every patch. I'm not saying you shouldn't look at the things you've mentioned, but claiming there's nothing wrong on turbines end is also kinda ignoring loads of complaints. And my simple reasoning says: in moors it's 24, in raids its 12 people from different places, with different speeds, different isp's, different pc's ALL complaining about lag at the exact same time can't be anything other then turbine, it's the only shared nominator.

    My machine is a alienware, one of the better specced ones a year ago... It can't handle the game anymore in certain raids with loads of area-effects like shadow dude in orthanc, lm fire is also awesome to create lag, try moors lool and turn all effects on and the new squares on the ground: talk to you next month since between now and then you'll be too lagged out to do anything... Nah, i'm sure on pc side you can do a lot... but sorry, turbine is screwing up big time as well.

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    I didn't have any lag issues til ROR either so I know it's not my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKRain View Post
    I didn't have any lag issues til ROR either so I know it's not my computer.
    Care to post your specs?

    Mine are: Intel i5 second-generation, 6 gig ram, Geforce 570 with 1.2 gig memory. I've never had a problem with lag except in the moors with over 50 freeps and creeps on the same battlefield.
    other favorite middle-earth games: The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7; LotR: The Card Game by FFG; Hobbit/LotR Strategy Battle Game by GW

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    Don't bother with a high end card.Period.

    what i have found is do not even bother spending money on a card.
    play on lowest setting for all except object draw distance and landscape draw distance to medium...ok.
    In options,UI Settings under special effects options,those 4 boxes should not be ticked.
    Then in Social options under Ground Effect options,those 2 boxes should be ticked.
    Then playability increases without the eye candy,but it sure is an improvement!
    I run a PC now,currently,with i5 3570k processor,SSD,no graphics card(using just intel hd4000),16gb RAM,Gigabyte z77 d3h motherboard with win 7 home,this runs the game at the settings i just described about as perfect as it gets!
    I am shocked,it also can run at optimal settings although seems a little less smooth,but not more lag-inducing...
    Even though i have another brand new system with i7 3770,SSD,8 GB RAM,GTX780,Asus Sabretooth motherboard,i am trying to sell it,so good is the one i am already using when it comes to Lotro.
    I am definitely trying to tell you,do not bother with a high end dedicated GPU,you are wasting your money,TRUST ME.
    Don't listen to what anyone else says,i had a GTX660 TI in the i5 3570k system and after selling it,i am 10x more happy then i was with that card in it.
    If you have Intel HD4000 Graphics,try taking out your dedicated card and play and see what the differences to having lag or not are..you will see,no increase n lag,it is definitely not GPU related,this Lotro lag.



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