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Im on the Idea Iron garrison is an expedition, they didn't reclaim moria until Erebor dwarves cameto help, so basically LOTRO we have an orc infested place but dwarves managed to secure some areas while not entirely, I think its pausible.

Its a stretch but still could fill a gap of the moria history.
Nah, it's always been complete BS because Dain had known for quite some time before the Council of Elrond that Sauron was likely to attack him for not having gone along with that small request for help in finding 'the least of rings' and the person who'd supposedly stolen it; Sauron's messenger had all but said as much. So the Longbeards would have had to be worrying about getting ready for war, including getting Erebor ready to withstand a full-scale siege, and the other Dwarves simply didn't care about Moria because it wasn't their ancestral home.