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Thread: Thanks Sapience

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    Thanks Sapience

    First off thanks for starting back up the lotteries. Is there any way to update my characters info to the lotteries . I have 13 85's now over my two accounts, but the lottery still says I only have 3. Is the character update problem going to be fixed with the new forum, and we just have to deal with current system till then? Not complaining just wondering. Thanks again and Extra TY for throwing Elder King symbol in the 85 lv lottery.

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    I assumed the dry spell would last until the forum revamp, so I was surprised to see lotteries (plus character data suddenly getting updated). Found this post from Sapience on dev tracker: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...-amp-Lotteries. He only mentions weekend lotteries, so I don't think we're back to a regular schedule yet...but soon :P

    Hopefully the new revamp will fix your issue.

    I think the Elder King lottery was for the 75 symbol. Maybe Sapience got worn and tarnished mixed up lol, sounds like something I'd do!
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    indeed, awesome it is on again, too bad that i could participate in 3 lotteries and not win anything, but i guess that is bad luck
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    it's unlikely the regular schedule will return until all of the new forums and lottery are up and running.

    It's likely they'll come back in a modified format at that time (they're still entirely manual and take a surprisingly large amount of time to manage).

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    Then, thanks for taking the time to do them

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    Yes, thank you Sapience, for taking the time from your already busy schedule to please us with the possibility of free stuff! And it's all good free stuff for the last few lotteries that have been up! I'm hoping to win some of those mounts. A lot of my lower level alts only have a couple mounts each, so it will be nice for them to have some of the more rare Pax ones. Thank you!!!
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