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    Open Access Raid/Fellowship Channel and Loot System on Gladden - Server Wide

    We want to announce/promote the new Gladden open access raiding system, also known as the Gladden Raid Alliance (GRA). We have only one goal, to get groups running challenging instances on Gladden.

    Here’s how it works. There is a channel set up for raiding and fellowship instances (/joinchannel GRA justraid). Everyone is encouraged to use it to form groups. Additionally, a loot table/point system has been set up (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...Xc&usp=sharing ), where all successful raids and fellowship instances will be tracked. Each instance (among the difficult ones, primarily T2C) has a point value ranging from 100 for LM T2C to 1 for GB Challenge. EVERY FELLOWSHIP OR RAID INSTANCE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED ON GLADDEN WILL EARN LOOT POINTS FOR THE PARTICIPANTS. There is no sign-up, recruitment, or obligation; we do not care about the group makeup, kinship. Simply send screenshot proof of the kill to gladden.raid@gmail.com . Assuming that you remember to send a screenshot and you are not farming that instance (killing it multiple times a day), everyone in the group will earn points. How you spend points will be elaborated on at the end of the post. We will be tweaking instance values to try to encourage folks to run the less common instances. (i.e., If everyone decides to run Lost Temple all the time its value will go down. If no one decides to run Lost Temple, its value will go up.)

    We have one guiding philosophy. We want to see more people running instances, with more people. Anytime someone runs one of the difficult instances they are helping 5-23 other players run it. Those players are improving their characters, getting experience, and hopefully staying interested in the game. We think that is something worth rewarding. So that’s what we’re going to do.

    Now for the point system, we are keeping it as simple as we can. For every instance, participants will get the number of loot level 1 and loot level 2 points assigned to that instance. (Level 1 items are tomes, the cheaper crystals, recipe drops, etc. and Level 2 items are first age symbols, the more expensive crystals, etc.) When a group is using the point system for looting (primarily during raids) players will be able to purchase the drops with priority being given to the highest point total. Any purchase will reduce your points by 75% in that level. (Example: You have 300 L1 and L2 points and successfully beat LM T2C, so now you get 100 points for a total of 400 of each. A first age symbol drops, which you purchase. Yay! Your Level 2 points are reduced by 75%, so you now have 100 L2 points and 400 L1 points. Simple enough, I hope.)

    Shlorty has been good enough to volunteer a First Age to get the system rolling. The first person to 1000 points will have the opportunity to purchase that First Age symbol (with L2 points of course).

    Now to the serious side of things, we will be looking for support from key players across the Gladden spectrum to participate as the Raid Council. In the unlikely event that we have any problem with drama or whining in the channel, abuse of other players or raid leaders, abuse of the point system, treating /GRA like /glff (you know what I mean) or other problems, the council (not individuals) will respond by removing points or, in extreme cases, by removing the player from the raid roster. Leading raids is intense enough, we won’t tolerate any drama that makes life difficult for raid leaders.

    Contact one of the leaders listed on the loot spreadsheet (third tab) if you are interested in participating in the council. Feel free to send any recommendations to gladden.raid@gmail.com , which is the central email for the raid council. We will be working bugs out of the system as we go, of course.

    Bottom line:

    1) Form groups and run instances (you can use the channel to form those groups, but you do not have to)

    2) Send evidence of instance wins to gladden.raid@gmail.com

    3) Prosper

    Any questions?

    - Scrump
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    Fantastic idea and i wish you well with it, something like that could revitalize the once prominent pug raid community on my own server Eldar. The community needs more people like you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellemere View Post
    Fantastic idea and i wish you well with it, something like that could revitalize the once prominent pug raid community on my own server Eldar. The community needs more people like you
    Excellent idea! Keep us posted, please. and plus rep for the community spirit

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