The Volunteer Militia are a Race of Men only, heavy roleplaying, English speaking, European based kinship.


The Volunteer Militia are based on the theme of a town guard or local village militia. We stick rigidly to this theme, recruiting only classes which reflect the poorly trained town guard or the villager armed with crude weapons and lacking any real training.


Action Roleplaying - We take part RP-PvE and RP-PvMP on a regular basis.
Regular Calendar Posted Events - We organise and run regular social, PvE and PvMP events.
Strong Guild Concept - The basic militia concept is all about role playing peasants with pitchforks.
Lore - We adhere to lore and stick to it rigidly, blending a chapters background to fit the games lore.
Mature Atmosphere - We only recruit mature players who can conduct themselves in a good manner.
Quality - We are selective in our recruitment and enforce our rules to ensure a good quality of member.

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