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    LM healing (because I could)

    Got bored and decided to solo heal BFE (blood brothers/catapults), admittedly with a warden tank, also a horribly geared chank.
    Used 5y/2b and swapped in Hytbolt Animal-Friend 4 piece, Erebor T2 Animal Friend 4 piece, and Erebor T1 Animal friend 2 piece during the fight. Was a lot of fun, and definitely think LM's can heal, if they so desired. Unfortunately I didn't have the 2 piece from the moors, which would have helped immensely with group heals.

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    hehe. that was cool^^ There are a lot of deadsies though;p

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    Proof once again that wardens are gods....lol! Just kidding...sort of :P


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    Nice job. But assuming that there were no inferno and no distributed dmg, and so only tanks recieved some big damage, how come there is so much dead people? Did they all stand in catapults?
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    Yes silly people stood in catapults, and the trolls still have a distributed on t1. I took a couple random 8k shots from it on a couple tries (since the range on the distributed is 12 m or 3 tiles if I remember right, and WL range is 15 m). On another note I did healed it a day ago with a guard and a chank, just to see if I could do it without warden self heals. Also only had a couple people die that run, since I bothered to SI them.
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    Cool but why go 5y/2b? Would it not have helped more to reverse that, get inner flame for group heal? I'd certainly like to give it a try sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arodion View Post
    Cool but why go 5y/2b? Would it not have helped more to reverse that, get inner flame for group heal? I'd certainly like to give it a try sometime.
    the basic idea is that with aoe flank heal you bring instant heal for the group. So if we have aoe flank heal, mostly is it better to take 5y/2b because of capstone and debuffs - with weaker enemies you have less to heal.

    The whole amount of heal from Inner flame with +50% legacy on book is not so bad but it is channeled skill -which means 16s you can do nothing else just watch on your screeen- and 2 or 3 min cd (depending on traits) which is quite long in comparison to instant heals from flanks.
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    Exactly, Estelrandir, the fact that channel skills root you during catapults makes it very difficult to work with, not to mention all the lores/other debuffs up 100% of the time decreases the damage taken significantly. For AoE heals flank heal, 2 piece armor set bonus from the moors, and the pet 1 min heal is all you're going to get. If I were going to go with more blue traits, I would have traited the flank heal, because the tank gets healed twice from a flank.

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    Mooncandle Mender's Ring and Hat of the Lonely Mountain (if the heal you use is on someone in the other group when one or both procs - and they can at the same time - then their group gets the heal[s]), using an Eagle and swapping in 4 H-Animal Friend or 4 Memory of West for (your) group flank heals would probably have saved you a couple of deaths.

    Well done though!

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    Grats for the bfe!
    LM heals is pretty legit I must say.

    In the process of hunter/LM duoing fornost water t2c, still working on the last boss. Got to 50% then we died from adds. Dead pet kills alot of the heals we had unfortunately. Cant remember traits but gear was aimed for max heals including the WL pulse bonus(hytbold?)
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    Figured I'd bother getting an update, with the bounder tokens I bothered getting the 2 piece moors armor which helps enormously. I've solo healed all the Annuminas instances, all the fornost wings t2c except shadow, Bells t2c, all the erebor 3 mans t2c except scuttledells. I've also done SG t2c, WP t2c (with a warden admittedly), and the ITA 3 mans.



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