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    Toggling character's personal lantern?

    Hey guys. I have a question about that lantern option:

    Every character has a built in lantern. You can activate your lantern during night time hours by hitting Alt + F10. Hitting it once will cause a high beam of light to illuminate around your character. Hitting Alt + F10 a second time will put your lantern on Low settings and hitting Alt + F10 a third time will turn it off.

    BUT is there an alternative for using Alt + F10? As I'm playing on laptop, F10 is for the sound on my keyboard, so no use for toggling the lantern.
    For some reason I couldn't find it in options either.

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    The personal lantern is a feature that was discontinued soon after Moria launched back in 2008. Turbine did not want to expend the resources to allow the lantern to work all the time in Moria and at night everywhere else. The lantern was replaced with the Ambient Light slider.

    Turbine never bothered to spend the resources to completely rip out the lantern feature. I am not sure if the Torch key mapping could ever be changed via the UI. You can change it yourself by manually editing the keymap file.

    Look for this entry:
    ADMIN_LIGHT [ Old [ 0 DIK_F10 ] 0x00000004 ]
    change the mapping to whatever you want.

    The file is located in My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online

    It is called lotro.keymap. Make a backup - a save copy before editing with a normal text editor like notepad.

    The lantern works great in the launch regions. Starting with Moria and later its usefulness may be limited. Not being able to use the lantern in Moria when is up is a major annoyance. For me I found that visibility with the lantern in Moria was so low I kept going over edges and falling in pits.
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    Have you actually tried Alt + F10? No way F10 mutes sound by default, it's probably that way when you press Fn + F10, Fn is a function key that enables the laptop's key's secondary function.

    As for Yula, spend more time in game rather than forums, you'd learn that lantern works.

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    Well you learn something new every day, been playing on and off since beta and i never knew (or maybe never acknowledged?) there was a personal torch. Not that it has any use to be honest, over the years they've messed with the game so much it's almost permanently bright even in Moria, so it's pretty useless, but i could have done with it years ago in the old forest etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jousimies View Post
    As for Yula, spend more time in game rather than forums, you'd learn that lantern works.
    I have spent plenty of time in game. The Lantern was marginally useful in 2007 and 2008 prior to the launch of Moria. The Lantern is functionality useful in Moria due to the limitation of only being usable when it is nioght outside. It is dark all the time in Moria. The Lantern has similar problems in Mirkwood. Some parts of Mirkwood are dark all the time. Either you can't use the Lantern because it dark during the day. Or the Lantern does nothing because of the special lighting effects.

    The Lantern would be useful if:
    1) You could always turn the Lantern on.
    2) It worked in all parts of Middle Earth
    3) The improved lighting went beyond 1 meter.

    I gave up in Moria because by the time I saw an edge due to small light puddle I was already on the way down. I would have to log out during day time. I ended up adjusting the Gamma setting to make for a black and white gaming experience with adequate light until Turbine implemented the Ambient Light Slider.

    Turbine's first game Asheron's Call had a fully funcitonality personal Torch. You had to equip a Torch for it to work. Again it provided in such a small area that is wasn't helpful. In game, it was really dark at night. I used a game plugin called "Let There Be Light" that it made full daytime everywhere even in dark dungeons. Eventually Turbine gave us a permanent daylight command. Prior to the plugin or the daylight I would turn up the Gamma to make stuff visible at the cost of the color presentation in the game.

    A large part of this situation is my own personal preferences. In the old days I played EverQuest and Dark Ages of Camelot. I only played those game when the sun was up. When the sun went down. I logged out and did something else until the the sun came back up in game. Back when some class deeds required specific critters in a specific region like the undead in Trollshaws. I would only play that particular character at night when the Wights were out.
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