Hey there,
At the moment there a two things I’m really missing in Lotro-Lua.
These are key bindings for shortcuts. I saw they have been requested several times before, but there has been no dev response.
The other thing would be a “sendtochat( channel, message )”. Often “write line” is not enough and you have to implement several workarounds (like updating the shortcut constantly) which can drain performance.

Both could be solved with something like “quickslot:trigger()”. But I assume this is somewhat too radical and would have no chance, so the best option would be the one above.

I guess the plugin user would have to select "allow key bindings/allow send to chat/trigger shortcuts" in the plugin options panel in order to enable them to avoid abuse.
I would be really cool to get a statement if those things are ok with the restrictive Lotro-Lua rules and have even a chance to get added in the future.
Even better would be to add them with one of the next updates .

Thanks Taldeen