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    I Freakin' love my Minstrel!

    A quick background. I am a medically retired Dad who plays lots of MMO's with my son. I have high level raid toons in several games. In LOTRO, I have been casually playing since launch. I stumbled on the Minstrel class, played it for a while, then took a 2 year break as life events affected me.

    This spring, I came back to my Mini, and now have it in the 50's. I can clearly say, THIS IS THE MOST FUN CHARACTER I HAVE PLAYED IN 8 YEARS! I cancelled my sub in WOW, because I'm having a blast in LOTRO.

    DPS, heals, buffs, even stealth (on elf). 3 different instantly available play stances, a solo monster that is most welcome in groups.

    I hope with the new "revamp" Turbine doesn't destroy our unique flexibility. I tend to be an alt-aholic, but not this time. The minstrel is OP! ( Don't let the other classes in on the secret).

    OH and we get to play cool instruments of destuction - muhahaha!

    Cheers to my fellow music masters!

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    I feel your enthusiasm

    I levelled a mini to 85 recently without doing much in the way of group instances.

    Now i am at cap and in demand, it's nice to run instances and not let anyone die, (which is the point isn't it)

    Levelling was a breeze but i found i needed to learn so much more when raiding. Song of soothing became my new best friend and i found preperation was of the uptmost importance.

    I digress but yes i love the mini but at cap the 3 mans and also sambrog/oe ect can be done without a dedicated healer, so i feel we can be overlooked at times. I do love the lore though. I always played a bard in DnD and always loved the ideology that through recanting tales we can inspire our comrades to greater deeds through words.

    Glad you're having a blast
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    I'M new and have to agree. Love how i can heal myself, dps and debuff mobs at the same time. One of the most fun classes i've ever played in a mmo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astars View Post
    Cheers to my fellow music masters!
    Cheers back at ya!!!

    And I agree wholeheartedly!!! The only other toon I have played was a Warden. I prefer my Mini much more in that he is great at soloing and I really enjoy trying to keep members of fellowships alive & kicking!!!

    I just started to group a few weeks ago with the Brandywine Leveling Group ( http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...Leveling-Group ) and I must say, I really enjoy the challenge although I have quite a bit to learn.

    Have fun out there...and be careful...such a dangerous world our Minis live in...
    Geddi of Brandywine
    Level 65 Dwarven Minstrel of Questionable Ability
    Member of The Knights Of Dol Amroth



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