I'm not a min/maxer or a /humps phat l00tz player, and I abhor raids of all forms in MMO's. This is a small group-centric build and strat mainly for assisting the tank. If you see any blaring problems with this strategy, just let me know so I can reassess.

It's primarily a Debuff/DoT build.

It's Gambler traited to get Gambler's Strike to max either the debuff from Diversion applied at the beginning of the fight or to add a DoT. The remaining two traits are Spatial Sense and Cunning Wound. My LI's have max cooldown on WPS, Lucky Strike, and Addle.

Big fights
Stealth --> Reveal Weakness --> Diversion --> Well-Placed Strike --> Dust in the Eyes or Disable --> Subtle Stab --> Burglar's Advantage --> Cunning Attack --> Double-Edged Strike --> Gambler's Strike --> Addle --> Flashing Blades

If the debuff Gamble is a high tier I'll replace the first Gambler's Strike with Surprise Strike and add Gambler's Strike later in the chain to maximize the length of time the debuff is present. If WPS or Gambler's Strike are on cooldown, I'll replace them with CA to stack. If power permits, I'll always try to Addle Flashing Blades or Gambler's Strike.

Obviously a lot of fights don't allow beginning with Stealth (though HIPS and Ready and Able allow some flexibility). So in hectic fast-paced fighting I will rely a lot more on CA and the Gambler's Strike DoT (or Starting twist dot) to do damage that augments the crit chain line. I can even use WPS as long as the 3s induction is not slowing me down.

I know it's a bit unconventional and that I'm trying to mash together the CA/WPS dots from QK with the debuffing/dot of the Gambler, but I like unconventionality.

Anyway, fire away. Thanks.