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    We Cannot Get Out with Armoured Trolls?

    I failed We Cannot Get Out at the very end (Mazog had called his final orc army), and so tried again. The next 5 times I tried (including after a relog), 2 Armoured Trolls appeared in addition to the Balrog, and one always gets past the two other dwarves and takes us out quickly. I have done this quest at least a dozen times before and have never seen them (one time I stuck around to watch the Balrog). Is there a technique to avoiding these trolls? Do they only show up if you've failed the quest once? I really hate playing the instances where you are not your character, but I want to complete the epic line. Thanks!

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    Happend to me too 3 times until i figured out you have to wait till you click the npc before you start running.
    You CAN click him during he is on the way to the point where he is supposed to, and the event triggers and one of the trolls hit you.
    Wait till he reached his destinationpoint and click him there, you can freely ran to freedom.

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    I've never failed the instance to the best of my recollection (apart from once the NPC that takes you back to the 21st hall appeared but had no ring and wouldn't advance the quest) but I've never seen the trolls not spawn. They've never attacked me first, but on every character that has done that quest I've intentionally pulled a troll and killed it for fun

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    Thanks for the info! I'm not sure I understand, but I'll give it a try.

    You are a god among men.

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    Those trolls have always been there.
    But good news! The char you play in that session? It's a champ.

    So, your skills. Use them. Let the dwarves pull the trolls. Then go ahead and take one out. By the time you did, the other dwarf is most likely down, so the second troll will come for you. Take it out as well. Profit.

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    I've run it successfully over a dozen times, although not for over a year, and never had to fight the trolls. I also did not have to fight them the first time I ran it yesterday (as indicated in my original post, I failed at the very end, probably by a few seconds).

    Probably the dwarves always pulled them, but they're not doing so now. I've never played a Champ, though, and wish I did not have to learn how for this one instance. I haven't even come close to besting a troll, so if I continue to fail, I'll know that I'm no longer good enough to play lotro.



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