Many people in my kin (Valacirca) have decided to attack the SoA content again. We decided we want to approach it as it was 6 years ago (or as close as we can get to it). We are all getting a toon to level 50 and buying the XP blocking thing from the Turbine store. I mention this to encourage others to do this too as the more people that join the SoA cause the easier it will be for us to pug if need be for the Rift. Here are the criteria we are using and if you want to join our runs you will need to follow these.

1) No starting any Epic quest past vol.1, this means no LIs, no going to Moria for any reason.
2) We aren't capping virtues at 10 but you cant get any in Moria or beyond so you should be limited to around 10. I guess someone could buy em but why.
3) Here is the unpopular Runekeepers or Wardens as they weren't around back then.
4) You will have to be unanon to join one of our groups and if we see you have an LI or some moria gear then I am sorry but you can't come.....

There is discussion about at some point moving on to Moria, but that is going to be way way down the road. We have a user defined chat channel for anyone else wanting to part take of this adventure.( /joinchannel SoA) and let us know you want to join the adventure.

We decided to do this because we have no decent raid content at the moment and everyone I know loved the rift on level back in the day. So if you want to run Carn Dum / Urugarth / the Rift / BG (the Original) / the rarely run Angmar Battle Instances (precursor to the skirmish) on lvl then please join us in revisiting the old days LOTRO.