I feel like it took me a long time to get enough tp to obtain my first quest pack. As such, I want to make sure I'm getting my tp's worth.

My toon is level 35. I got him to 32 in Lone-lands and to 35 mostly from the epic quest line plus deeds/tasks.

I was gonna get Trollshaws next cause Turbine says it takes you to level 50. Most people on this forum and elsewhere on the net say Trollshaws is a waste; not many quests and the ones that could take you to 50 are fellowship quests and hard/impossible to solo at level. SO you end up in the low 40's.

Then they recommend Evendim or North Downs instead. The problem there is that those zones only goes to 40; why blow my first pack on 5 levels?!?!

So, then I'm thinking I could get one of the quest packs that start at 39/40 and take you to 50/52, Misty Mountains, Angmar, or Forochel. Im told Misty, like Troll, doesn't have enough quests, Angmar is a lot of fellowship quests, which leaves Forochel. I rode my toon up there and all the beasts were purple to me (i was actually 34 at the time) plus there weren't very many of them. If I go this route, I'm going to have to level to 39/40 first some other way (skirmish?!?).

Trollshaw/Evendim/North Downs/Forochel, what should I do? Im torn between Troll and Forochel, but I'm open.