What the Skills claims to do , so all readers have a reference point:
15m Range
Radius: 10m
Induction: 3s
Your inspirational spirit can dispel and protect against fear afflicting yourself and others nearby

My claim is : How an it remove fears away if it doesn't work when feared or silenced ???? This is mostly a disadvantage when you are in moors . If this worked like the description stated minis could have other opportunity of removing this effects than only depend on pots , even more helpful if you are one of those that dedicate to providing heals in raids or groups. Maybe I'm misguided , or wrong or maybe I just don’t know that this is how this skills works in moors. I WILL like to know about this from those of you that have more knowledge in such topics.
One of the reasons that made me write this down was because of the Burg alt I decided to roll . He as a skills that can remove the stuns that actually works ( find footing ) that made me sad about the usefulness of Improve Story of Courage .

Fell free to expose and discuss this topic . Experience mini replies of their own though and experience are welcome! Just here to learn