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    [SPOILER] V3 Bk10 Interlude: Strength of Will

    Is there something funny going on the final interlude quest accessed via Gleowine's map? It seems to end rather abruptly.

    Saruman speaks to Lothrandir on top of Orthanc and commands him to obey, then the game loads briefly to a location by a lake and then loads back to my character.

    Has anyone else found differently? Is there something I was supposed to do to affect a different outcome?


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    It is supposed to cut the session play very abruptly when Saruman says his last words, but it isn't supposed to teleport you to a lake, it should have logged you out of the session play immediately and then logged you back to your character. So I am guessing that it loaded quickly to a lake because as it was logging you off, it removes the land you were playing in, so orthanc would have disappeared and perhaps there was lake underneath it.

    Also, if you missed what Saruman's last words to Lothrandir were, you can find them here.
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    This one confused me after the first run through as well, so I went back and did it again.

    At the end, Saruman says, "So be it. You will see things my way in time."

    Then you get a quick cut to Lothrandir standing at the camp in Parth Galen and the instance ends.

    At first I couldn't see why Saruman would just toss Lothrandir out that way. Mercy is not a large part of the wizard's character, after all. Having thought about it some more, I think perhaps Saruman is expecting Lothrandir to see that the situation in Rohan is indeed hopeless, and that he will then go crawling back to Isengard and beg to be allowed to join the winning side.

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    Aha. It makes more sense now, at least in as much as it's intended as opposed to a glitch.

    Thanks for the link, Zalladi.

    And thanks for the theory, Avarune. That Lothrandir was released explains the transition nicely. I can put the "Officially Not Mad" plaque that my psychiatrist game me back on the wall.



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